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What is Wi-Fi Calling under Jio Postpaid Plus?
Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network using your existing Jio phone number.
Benefits of Wi-Fi calling in International Roaming:
  • Make and receive voice calls on any Indian number with Wi-Fi using existing Jio phone number at just Re. 1 per min
  • Video calls on any Jio number
  • Helps connect in case of signal issues in remote areas or cellular-dark zones of a building
  • It is included at no additional charge. All you need is a Wi-Fi calling pack and an HD voice compatible device
  • To learn how to turn on Wi-Fi Calling and check the handset eligibility, click
Please note the charging for Wi-Fi calling will be deducted from the respective IR pack balance. Charging for video calls will be deducted from IR Pack balance and home data bucket.
Base plan with sufficient home data balance should be available to make video calls to Jio number. Grace plan customers will not be able to use Jio Wi-Fi calling services.
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