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What is Wi-Fi Calling?
Wi-Fi Calling enables you to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network using your existing Jio number. The benefits of Wi-Fi calling in International Roaming are listed below:
Benefits of Wi-Fi calling in International Roaming:
  • Make and receive voice calls on any Indian number with Wi-Fi using your existing Jio number at just ₹1/min
  • Video call your loved ones on any Jio number
  • Easily connect in case of signal issues in remote areas or dark cellular zones of buildings
  • Wi-Fi Calling doesn’t carry any additional charge. All you need is a Wi-Fi Calling pack and an HD voice-compatible device
  • To learn how to turn on Wi-Fi Calling and check the handset eligibility, click
Note: The charging for Wi-Fi Calling will be deducted from the respective IR pack balance. Charging for video calls will be deducted from the IR Pack balance and home data bucket.
A base plan with sufficient home data balance should be available to make video calls to the Jio number. Grace plan customers will not be able to use Jio Wi-Fi Calling services.
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