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How to know/increase the credit limit of my Jio postpaid number?
You can know the credit limit of your Jio postpaid number using the MyJio app or by logging into your account on Please follow the steps below:
Using the MyJio app:
  • Log in to the MyJio app
  • Tap on the ‘Mobile' option
  • Tap on ‘Increase Credit limit’ under 'Add-ons & payments' section
  • Here you can view your credit limit and pay to increase your credit limit
  • Click here to log in with your Jio number and verify the OTP
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon, under ‘Bill Settings’ select the ‘Credit Limit’ option
  • Tap on 'Pay bill' to view your credit limit and pay to increase your credit limit.
Note: The security deposit (including any enhancement done via self-care) is a refundable amount which will be refunded at the time of Permanent Cancellation of postpaid services/migration to prepaid after adjusting any dues. The enhanced security deposit cannot be downgraded or adjusted against the postpaid bill while the number is active. The enhanced security deposit amount will increase the assigned and the available credit limit by the same amount.
Additional Credit Limit: In case you anticipate higher usage for an interim period, you can make an advance bill payment to continue uninterrupted service. This advance payment will impact your available credit limit. However, this additional payment has to be over and above the outstanding bill amount.
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