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How will I be charged for usage while roaming internationally under Jio Prepaid Pack?
International Roaming (IR) usage charges will be applicable based on the location where you are travelling in, the roaming network used and the kind of usage (Outgoing Local, Call back to India, Outgoing International, Incoming Calls, SMS & Data)
Jio IR charges are applicable as per the following two options:
  • Pay Go IR Rates – Standard rates applicable as default for Jio customers
  • IR Packs
As per your requirement, you can avail Jio IR Pay Go service or you can purchase an IR Pack.
  • For low to moderate IR usage across all countries, IR Pay Go service is recommended with rates starting as low as Rs.2 per min.
  • For medium to high usage in selected countries, customers can purchase IR Packs.
Kindly note, child account customers will have to buy suitable international roaming pack to make usage in international destination and cannot make usage on PayGo rates.
For International Roaming (IR) tariff, kindly visit
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