JioFiber FAQ

What are the features of JioFiberVoice?
Please take a note of the following features of JioFiberVoice:
  • One number, multiple devices: You can now configure the same 10-digit JioFiberVoice number in a maximum of 6 smart devices. This includes: smartphones, Jio Set-top Boxes, and one landline phone.
  • In-house mobility for voice: Use your smartphone to make/receive landline calls at your convenience.
  • Outside home mobility: Set up ‘Parallel Ringing’ on a Jio mobile number to never miss a landline call.
  • Conferencing: Audio and video conferencing services.
  • Supplementary services: Enjoy other services such as call forwarding, call hold/resume, and audio-to-video upgrade/downgrade. These services would be available for JioFiberVoice users.
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