JioFiber FAQ

How can I start using the JioFiberVoice service on my TV/Set-top Box using my smartphone camera?
Kindly follow the below procedures:
  • First launch the JioJoin app on your Jio Set-top Box and complete the one-time setup
  • Also, download the JioJoin app on your mobile device
  • Do the one-time set-up of your landline number on the JioJoin app (Ensure that your mobile is connected to JioFiber Wi-Fi)
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and enable mobile camera and mic
    Enable Mobile camera and mic

  • Set the desired name for easy discovery
    Device Name

  • Select ‘Contact’ to call on JioJoin Set-top Box Home Page
    JioJoin STB Home Page

  • Discovery will be initiated for a set of mobile devices set up with the JioJoin app
    JioJoin-app set up

  • Select the device whose camera you want to use from the available set of devices
    JioJoin-Select Camera

  • Click on the ‘Accept’ prompt on your mobile device and now, the call is established
    JioJoin on TV
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