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How to hide JioFiber Router Wi-Fi ID (SSID/Wi-Fi User Name) so that it is not visible to others?
To hide your JioFiber SSID (Wi-Fi Name), follow the steps below:
  • Log in to the MyJio app, select ‘JioFiber Account’
  • Go to the Menu on the top left corner and select ‘Settings’
  • After that, select ‘Device Settings’, then ‘My Device’
  • (Wait for a few seconds until the JioFiber Router details appear.)
  • Choose ‘Wi-Fi Settings’
  • Tap the desired Wi-Fi Name and switch off the ‘Visibility’ using the toggle button
Note: After disabling the ‘Visibility’ mode, the selected Wi-Fi ID won't be visible to any new device that will try to search a Wi-Fi network.
Watch a Video on how to manage your JioFiber Router
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