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How to change my JioFiber Router (WiFi/SSID) password received with the JioFiber connection?
You can change your Wi-Fi Password from MyJio by following the below steps:
  • Log in to the MyJio app with your JioFiber number and choose ‘Fiber Account’
  • Select Menu on the top left corner and tap on ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘Device Settings’ and then go to ‘My Device’
  • (Wait for a few seconds until the JioFiber Router details appear.)
  • Tap on "Wi-Fi Settings"
  • Tap on each SSID(Wi-Fi Name) for changing the user ID.
  • Then to change the password, enter a new password and save
  • Here’s a Video on how to manage your JioFiber Router
To change your password through follow the below steps:
  • Login to using your JioFiber number
  • Select 'sign in' on the menu bar, and go to JioFiber
  • Enter your Service ID/ Registered Mobile Number to generate OTP
  • Enter OTP received on your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Go to 'Settings', choose 'My Device' and then select 'ONT- Advanced Settings'
  • Select every SSID (Wi-Fi Name) for changing the User ID
  • Then, to change the password, enter a new password and save
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