How do I reach JioCare using the MyJio app?
You can reach JioCare for any assistance or support both through the MyJio app and Given below are the steps:

Using the MyJio app:
  • Log in to the MyJio app
  • Tap on 'Menu' and select 'Jio Care: Help & support' or tap on ‘JioCare’ from the footer/bottom navigation bar.
  • In this section, you can choose from ‘FAQs’, ‘How to videos’, ‘Troubleshoot’, ‘Helpful tips’, ‘Live chat’ or ‘Track request’ to get support for your issue.
  • You can also talk to our virtual assistant ‘Hello Jio’ from the MyJio home page for all your queries.
  1. Go to the ‘Support’ page and select How to videos, ‘Helpful tips’ or select 'Contact us'
  2. You can choose from email support or call to get support for your issue.
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