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How to Play JioTambola?
  • Tambola is a very simple game, where numbers are called out on the top of the screen one at a time and the players need to strike the numbers on the ticket if it’s a match.
  • Numbers 1-90 at random are called out on the screen and the players strike the number by tapping the number on their ticket.
  • Tambola Game Starts every day at 7 PM (Subject to change)
  • The Player gets 1 free ticket daily which he needs to claim by answering a claim question correctly.
  • When the game begins the numbers are drawn at random order and are shown on the top of the screen.
  • If you join a game late you can still participate and strike numbers off from the ticket
  • Click on the winning pattern shown below the ticket as soon as you achieve a winning combination.
  • If your claim is invalid, the claim will be considered as Bogie and your ticket will be cancelled for the day.
  • Time of making a claim is critical, if several people claim for the same price, then the one who claims the earliest is eligible for the prize.
  • You can play with only 1 FREE Ticket per day.
  • The game ends when all the 90 numbers are called out or when all the prizes for that day are claimed which ever comes first.
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