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How do I invite my friends to JioChat?
You can invite your friends to JioChat in multiple ways:
  • In the ‘Chats’ tab, tap on the 3-dot menu
  • Tap on ‘Invite Friends’
  • Select the medium through which you want to invite your friend on JioChat. You can choose any medium to invite your friends and then select the friend who you want to invite. You can select multiple friends at one go as well
In case a contact has more than one mobile number with the same name, you can tap on the blank circular display pic area of the contact you want to invite. This will open the profile page of the contact. On the profile page, select the rightmost invite icon to send an SMS message to the contact with an invitation and link to download JioChat. Carrier charges as per your SMS plan will apply.
Note: When you have more than one mobile number saved under the same name, you may click on the icon next to the number to send the SMS to one specific number.
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