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How is JioCall different from other calling and messaging apps available in the market?
JioCall is a feature rich app which is superior to other VoLTE apps in many aspects. Some of the features are as follows:
  • App-to-app and off-net services: Most of the VoIP apps in the market allow only app-to-app services. It means that a user on an App A can make/receive calls only from users who are on App A.
    But, JioCall app not only allows app-to-app services but also allows VoLTE calling on any mobile or landline number. It means that any JioCall user can make/receive VoIP calls not only from other JioCall users but also from any landline/ mobile number.
  • App that uses your Jio SIM number: The JioCall app uses the Jio SIM number & makes it JioCall’s app number. You can use this number like a regular phone number to make & receive VoLTE calls from any mobile / landline. Also, you can send/ receive SMS from any mobile number.
  • Never seen before features: To make your calling experience more delightful & exciting, JioCall brings you some unique and amazing Rich Calling, In-call share feature
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