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How can I upgrade the software in my JioPhone 2?
Before you proceed with the steps to update the Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA), ensure that:
  • JioPhone is connected to the Jio 4G network or any WiFi
  • JioPhone battery is adequately charged, preferably 30% or above
Steps to upgrade your JioPhone software:
  • Press the ‘Centre button’ and select ‘Settings’ option
  • Go to ‘Device tab’ using navigation keys and Press Ok to select ‘Device Information’
  • Use navigation keys to scroll down to locate ‘LYF software update’ option and press ‘OK’
Your Jio 4G button phone will immediately start downloading the latest software update. It could take upto 10mins for the software to be downloaded & installed.
Please do not switch off your JioPhone or remove the battery till the installation is completed.
If your JioPhone is already on the latest software version your phone will display the message that “The system is already up to date’.
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