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How can I make a video call using my JioPhone2?
JioPhone2 customer can make a video call using the app : JioVideoCall which is pre-installed.
• Customer can do a video call i.e JioVideoCall to JioVideoCall (this means video calling is from JioPhone user to JioPhone user)
• Customer can also make a video call from JioVideoCall to JioChat (hence, JioPhone user can make a video call to smartphone user, provided smartphone has JioChat in it)
• JioPhone to JioChat video Call is supported by Andriod & iOS
• Customer needs to make sure that the person to whom he/she is attempting a Video Call, his/her contact should be saved in the JioPhone Phonebook
• For initiating a video call, locate the JioVideoCall app and invoke the same
• Customer will see two tabs, namely “recent” & “contacts”
• Using navigation keys, customer can choose the contact to be Video outcalled and initiate the Video Call using the centre button
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