Jio Extender FAQ

How does JioExtender solve the Wi-Fi problem in my house?
JioExtender forms two kinds of networks based on the installation.
  • Star Network where all JioExtenders are connected directly to the JioFiber home gateway.
  • Daisy Chain where one JioExtender connects to the JioFiber home gateway and the second JioExtender connects to the first JioExtender and so on creating a chain.
Topology formation depends on the home architecture and the method of installation chosen. By doing so, the JioExtender forms a network of Wi-Fi devices. Thus, taking the Wi-Fi source closer to mobile users and extending coverage.
Typically, a single JioExtender can cover 1,200 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. homes, depending on the JioExtender model, house layout, number of walls, and other construction factors.
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