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How can I activate In-Flight Pack?
To use In-Flight pack providing in-flight data, outgoing voice calls and SMS, you have to recharge with the IFC Packs before boarding the flight.
Once the flight has reached 20,000 feet, please follow these steps:
  • Switch ON your phone with Airplane Mode Off
  • Your phone will automatically connect to the AeroMobile network (the network name may differ dependent on the handset)
  • If your phone does not connect to the AeroMobile network automatically, you will need to go to ‘Carrier’ in your phone settings and manually select ‘AeroMobile’
  • Ensure Data Roaming is ON to use data services
Incoming calls are not allowed. You will need to disable Wi-Fi connectivity to use mobile data. As a courtesy to fellow passengers, please keep your phone on vibrate.
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