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How do I troubleshoot 'no dial tone or unable to make or receive calls' issues?
If you are facing issue while using JioFiber Voice Services, please follow below steps to check and resolve
  • Log in to MyJio App. Select “JioFiber”
  • Scroll down to “JioCare: Help & Support” section
  • Click “Run Diagnostics”
  • Select “Voice Services”
  • Click on “Run Diagnostics”
  • If no issue found after doing Run Diagnostics follow steps as mentioned below as per the device where you are facing issue:
    A. For a Landline phone:
    • Please make sure your landline instrument is connected to the Jio Home Gateway
    • Check if you can hear the dial tone
    • If not, reconnect the phone cable (RJ11/telephone wire cable) at both ends (landline and Jio Home Gateway)
    • Ensure that the ‘Dial’ mode is set to ‘Tone’ mode and try rebooting the JioFiber Router once
    B. For JioJoin on Android and iOS mobile devices
    • Please make sure your mobile device is connected to JioFiber Internet
    • If unable to complete first-time setup, visit ‘Mobile Settings’ and check if ‘Private DNS’ is enabled and if enabled, please disable the same.
    • If already configured, go to ‘Settings’ in the JioJoin app and check the status of the JioFiber Voice number - it should be ONLINE
    • If still not working, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or rebooting the JioFiber Router once
    C. For JioJoin on Jio Set-top Box
    • Please make sure your Jio Set-top Box is connected to the Jio Home Gateway
    • If you are making a video call through your smartphone camera, you must ensure:
      • A mobile camera is set up on the JioJoin app on mobile and the JioJoin app is in the foreground
      • The mobile is connected to JioFiber WiFi
      • The Mic & Camera option is enabled in the JioJoin app mobile settings
    • If you are making a video call through JioTVCamera, try re-connecting the camera and rebooting Jio Set-top Box and Jio Home Gateway (Router)
Click here to know how to activate JioFiber Voice services
Click here to watch video on how to use Landline number to make and receive calls via JioFiber
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