Jio Business 5G

End to End Cloud Native 5G Radio & Core stack including OSS, BSS and Automation Platforms

End to End Cloud Native

Open, interoperable and power efficient 5G radios

5G Radio Platforms

ORAN compliant, power efficient 5G NR Radio solutions for macro and hetnet deployments.

5th Generation Mobile Network

Migrating operators to a stand alone 5G network

Complete 5G Core Portfolio

Microservices based and a hyper-scalable 5G Core, helps to seamlessly migrate to a standalone 5G network.

5G Core Portfolio

Cloud Platforms

MANO, ACI, SDN-O, Network Slicing Platform

A suite of platforms to ensure automation, lifecycle management, orchestration of network functions and cloud infrastructure deployment.

Jio Cloud Platforms

Next-generation cloud native OSS & BSS platforms

FMS, NMS, Unified Inventory, Unified Assurance, Common API Framework, Subscription Engine, Marketplace, CRM

Network management, workflow orchestration, provisioning and activation platforms with unified inventory management, enabling connectivity and seamless delivery of 5G services.

Next Generation Cloud Native OSS and BSS Systems

Experience the power of automation in network planning & operations

Cognitive Platform, CN-OPS

With an end-to-end approach, deploy and manage a cost-efficient and scalable Radio & Core network using the JPL Cognitive Platform and the Core Network Operations Platform.

Power of Automation in Service Planning

One stop shop for VoNR, VoLTE and SMS over NR

5G VoNR, IMS Products

A suite of hyper-scalable products to help carriers and enterprises provide VoLTE, VoNR and EPS-FB services as well as enterprise voice and collaboration services.

NR Product Voice/Video

Towards a hyper-connected internet of everything

State-of-the-art IoT Solutions for retail and enterprise customers

JPL’s End to End IoT Platform, IoT Devices, Application servers as well as the Converged IoT Core network elements, enabling both 4G IoT (NB- IoT/CAT-M) as well as 5G MMTC Services.

Hyper Connected Internet

Enabling trust and security in a digital economy

Microservices based Blockchain Platform

Supporting cross-industry use cases and combining 5G IoT and Blockchain to deliver reliability and trust.

Trust & security

5G Offerings

Jio Platforms' end-to-end 5G portfolio which spans across Radio, Core & Automation platforms together with OSS/BSS solutions and network services enable operators to evolve to new 5G capabilities.

In addition, 5G stack is uniquely positioned to implement innovative 5G use cases for enterprises and private networks with deployment options at the edge as well in the public/private cloud.

  • 5G Radio Platforms

    JPL RAN portfolio

    RAN portfolio for 5G NR consists of the following products.

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  • 5G/4G Combo Core

    5g Core Network Architecture

    JPL’s True 5G Core Network, which is 3GPP Release 16 compliant, provides a world class experience across a variety of service scenarios, including the cases of ultra-high traffic volume density, connection density and mobility. Jio supports SA and NSA 5GC deployments, which gives the highest return on investment for telecom operators and avoids all wasteful integration efforts. The 5G Core network follows a set of fluid principles, which have been further enhanced to create a Hyper scale architecture for Jio’s 5G Core Network.

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Resource Center

  • 6G & Beyond

    6G beyond

    6G wireless communication networks will be the backbone of the digital transformation of networks by providing ubiquitous, reliable, and near-instant wireless connectivity for humans and machines. With global coverage, strong security, and pervasive AI, 6G networks bring the human and physical world closer to each other for the benefits of society. While there is an overlap between 5G evolution and 6G technologies, there are some unique aspects of 6G which are described in the whitepaper along with use cases.

  • Cloud Native 5G Core

     resource center

    The transition to the 5G networks will lead to a radical transformation in the business model of telecom operators and enterprises. Mobile networks were designed for end users to consume voice, SMS, web browsing and video streaming services. However, 5G expands the market by encapsulating an industry centric approach to the end consumer. This Whitepaper provides deep insights into transformation of telecom networks as they embrace the 5G Core Network and the best practises through cloud native adoption.

  • Cloud Native IT in Telecom

     resource center

    Jio Platforms is on the leading edge of cloud native development and is recognized as a key ecosystem Partner for Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud Platform. New technology capabilities are deployed using truly cloud native platforms built from scratch ensuring backward compatibility of all OSS/BSS functions. It covers why Jio’s cloud native approach is so superior, CNFs versus VNFs from an operations standpoint and how CSPs can make a transition from VNFs to CNFs through NMS, OSS & FMS.

  • Autonomous Operations

     resource center

    Automation of existing telecom processes is the key to successful implementation of Enterprise 5G use cases.The Autonomous Operations can impact the role of telecommunications in assuring the success of the digital transformation by enabling more responsiveness to the verticals in exploiting their business, in terms of operations efficiency and new revenue opportunities. This case study covers the Autonomous Operations stack of Jio which improved the network efficiency, performance, customer experience and helped identify opportunities of new revenue streams for 5G use.

  • JPL's Cloud Native 5G Core Solutions

    Cloud native 5G Core

    Our comprehensive portfolio of products, services and solutions provides the depth and breadth to help meet your needs as you look to stay ahead in this fast-paced environment.

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  • IoT Services

    JPL RAN portfolio

    The JPL’s IoT offerings encompass the entire gamut of IoT Devices, IoT platform, Application server Flavors as well as the Converged IoT Core Network elements, enabling both 4G IoT (NB-IoT/CAT-M) as well as 5G MMTC Services.

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  • JPL's Coverage Platform

    JPL RAN portfolio

    JCP is a network intelligence platform that provides a single stop for identification and solution of all network issues, intuitive visualizations and advanced analytics.

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  • Automation & AIML

    JPL RAN portfolio

    Machine Learning as a Service” is Empowering Telco Operations with AI/ML Capability. automation along with AI/ML in the network helps to achieve economies of scale and enable a wide range of use cases.

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  • JPL Network Slicing

     resource center

    Network slicing is the best answer on how to build and manage a network, that meets and exceeds the emerging requirements from a wide range of users. The way to achieve sliced network is to transform it into a set of logical networks on top of a shared infrastructure. Each logical network is designed to serve a defined business purpose and comprises of all the required network resources, configured and connected end-to-end.

  • JPL BSS Stack

     resource center

    Jio Cloud Native BSS Stack supports a CSP in a service enabler role with a shift in focus to the needs of enterprise customers and innovative use cases. It enable service exposure of network capabilities, so that different partners can bundle their offerings with connectivity and sell them on to their customers.

  • 5G Cloud Gaming

     resource center

    5G cloud gaming revolutionizes the way games are accessed, played, and monetized, creating a more immersive and rewarding ecosystem for companies and players.

  • 5G Solutions for Intelligent Healthcare

     resource center

    Leverage 5G to enable a modern healthcare system that implements digitization to improve operations and patient outcomes.

  • Spirent Helps Jio Platforms Validate Cloud-Native 5G Core Network

     5G standalone core testing

    BANGALORE, INDIA – JULY 01, 2021 - Spirent Communications plc (LSE:SPT), the leading provider of test, assurance, and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced a collaboration with Jio Platforms Limited to validate its cloud-native 5G standalone (SA) core network for real-world workloads and traffic conditions using Spirent Landslide.

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  • NXP and Jio Platforms Collaborate to Enable Expanded 5G Use Cases in India

    5G Use Cases in India

    Eindhoven, Netherlands – June 29, 2021 - NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) and Jio Platforms Ltd. (JPL) a subsidiary of RIL [NSE: RELIANCE]), today announced a collaboration to implement a 5G NR O-RAN small cell solution that incorporates NXP’s Layerscape® family of multicore processors. The combined solution will power new RAN networks that will deliver hyperscale performance, enabling a wide range of 5G use cases for broadband access as well as Industry 4.0 and IoT applications, including tele-medicine, tele-education, augmented/virtual reality, drone-based agricultural monitoring and more.

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  • Jio Platforms builds upon its 5G capabilities through collaboration with the University of Oulu to accelerate 6G Research

    Jio's Made in India 5G solution

    Jan 21, 2022 - Today the University of Oulu and Jio Estonia OÜ announced a partnership. The collaboration will aid in establishing a solid foundation for exploring 6G and beyond opportunities for the world. 5G enables greater speeds, lower latency and greater capacity for data networks. 5G also enables massive machine-type communications and a possibility of implementing virtual networks through network slicing.

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  • Jio’s Made in India 5G solution globally competitive: Mukesh Ambani - We are confident of being the first to launch full-fledged 5G services

    Jio's Made in India 5G solution

    NEW DELHI, June 24, 2021: - Reliance Jio, together with partners, has tested its 5G solutions in India and successfully demonstrated speeds of over 1 GBPS, RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani said on Thursday, adding its 'Made in India' solution is "globally competitive". Ambani also exuded confidence that the company will be the first to launch full-fledged 5G services in the country.Jio is not just working to make India ''2G-mukt'' (free from 2G) but also ''5G-yukt'' (5G empowered), he added.Jio's engineers have developed a 100 per cent home-grown and comprehensive 5G solution that is fully cloud native, software defined, and digitally managed.

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5G Use Cases

  • Smart Agriculture Smart Agriculture
  • Remote Surgery/Robotic Motion Controls Remote Surgery/Robotic Motion Controls
  • Smart Manufacturing Smart Manufacturing
  • Drone-based Surveillance & Survey Drone-based Surveillance & Survey
  • Interactive and Immersive Gaming Interactive and Immersive Gaming
  • Smart Education Smart Education

Robust media capabilities

Leveraging our digital expertise, we have built a suite of innovative platforms for Jio's media, entertainment, and digital apps. Our first-of-its-kind services range from streaming and communication to digital advertising & promotions and cloud, for consumer-facing as well as business platforms.

Robust media capabilities

About Us

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Jio Platforms Ltd. is an Indian technology company and a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, India. Jio Platforms has an end to end 5G solution consisting of 5G Radio, a complete 5G Core Network, AI/ML ATOM platform for 4G/5G, MANO for cloud CNF orchestration, ACI for cloud infrastructure deployment as well as the Cloud-native OSS Platforms.

In addition to these core platforms, Jio Platforms has also created its own cloud-native probing solutions for radio and core networks, simplifying network debugging and not requiring any systems integration with probe providers. To enable a SaaS-based model, JPL has also developed a sophisticated array of BSS solutions.

The entire product line is cloud native and can be deployed either on a public cloud or a private cloud.

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