JioFiber FAQ

What is the JioFiber value proposition?
Here are some of the benefits of using JioFiber as mentioned below:
  • High-speed internet: Fully reliable internet and Wi-Fi at home that delivers education, work, health and shopping experiences to every member of the home.
  • Entertainment: The entertainment experience is transformed with on-demand videos, LiveTV, Movies and much more. Get access of up to 16 PAID OTT apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. at no extra cost. From YouTube on TV to binge-watching your favourite TV shows from the past, it’s all available in one app - JioTV Plus.
  • Ease of content discovery: Searching through the largest library of content is made easy with a voice-enabled search on the Jio Remote.
  • Connect with the world: Connect with your friends, family or workplace through free HD voice calling or make video calls and conferences to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • Work from home: With JioMeet and dependable broadband connectivity, work from home without any limitations.
  • Health at home: JioMeet and dependable broadband connectivity allows you to remotely consult doctors and carry out important diagnosis.
  • Education at home: With the JioMeet app and dependable broadband connectivity enjoy learning at home.
  • Games at home: JioGames provides interesting gaming options for an enjoyable gaming experience.
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