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JioFi Postpaid Offer JioFi Postpaid Offer JioFi Postpaid Offer

Best tariffs in India & abroad

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    at only Rs 199 per month.

  • 2

    starting at 50p per minute

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    25GB Data/month

Make HD voice
& video calls

with your Jio SIM in your JioFi from your 2G/3G Android smartphone using JioCall App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "JioFi + PostPaid Plan"? 
“JioFi + PostPaid Plan” entitles customers to a cashback of Rs. 500/- (on payment of monthly invoice for 12 cycles of usage) who avails a Jio postpaid plan, along with a JioFi device and activates the postpaid services on the JioFi device on or after 28th June, 2018.
How long is the "JioFi + PostPaid Plan" valid for? 
The offer is valid from 28th June, 2018. The Jio postpaid SIM should be activated by you by inserting the Jio postpaid SIM in the JioFi
What are the conditions to qualify for "JioFi + PostPaid Plan" ? 
There are two conditions:
  • You need to activate the Jio postpaid SIM on or after 28th June, 2018.
  • The cashback would be credited to the Eligible customer’s account only after payment of monthly invoices for continuous usage of 12 cycles.
Please ensure your SIM is inserted into newly purchased JioFi device only.
Can the offer benefits, under the “JioFi + PostPaid Plan”, be transferred to any other Jio number? 
No, the offer benefits are non-transferable.
Will the “JioFi + PostPaid Plan” be available, if I purchase the JioFi from ecommerce sites? 
The JioFi device can be purchased from any Reliance Retail Store or any of ecommerce sites.
Where can I get a new Jio PostPaid SIM to avail the “JioFi + PostPaid Plan”? 
You can visit your nearest Jio Store, Reliance Digital or Jio retailer to get a new Jio SIM. To locate your nearest Jio Store, click
Is the "JioFi + PostPaid Plan” applicable to existing Jio subscribers as well? 
No. The offer is applicable only to new subscribers who purchase a JioFi along with a new Jio postpaid plan.

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