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How can I share files on Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc.) from my JioCloud account?

You can share files on social networking sites using any of the following methods. On the JioCloud website:
• Right click on the photo, video or document that you want to share and click on 'Share'. Files can be shared over email, as a public link, on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or on Google +.
• Alternatively, you can select the photo, video or file and click on the share icon in the menu bar for more options.

Through the JioCloud mobile app:
• Select the file stored in JioCloud that you want to share and select the share icon on the menu. You will get an option to Add Recipient and an optional message. A link to your file will be emailed to the recipient.
• Alternatively, you can select ‘Other methods for Sharing’ to share a link to your file using the messaging apps installed on your phone. When the pop up appears, you can select one of the installed apps and send the file as a link.
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