Smart Street Lighting

Smart Street Lighting System
JioThings Smart Street Lighting solution is a cost-effective and sustainable choice as it is a one-stop-shop solution and provides all the components for building an intelligent lighting infrastructure. Our solution helps in energy savings, fault detection and usage analysis.
The solution components include NB-IoT enabled communication modules that integrate with LED drivers and retrofit luminaires. Modules are compatible with leading OEMs. Feeder controllers (Remote Terminal Units – RTU) are also available for more granular control. Pan India NB-IoT connectivity covering 95%+ of census population ensures extensive coverage. With insightful dashboards one can monitor and manage all connected street lights for a summarized status, map-views and analysis using cloud infrastructure.

Block Architecture

Smart Street Lighting System

What You Get

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    Energy Saving

    Save up to 25% with intelligent ON/ OFF switching, targeted progressive dimming and efficient management of consumption

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    Maintenance Cost Optimization

    Get notifications for any malfunction with possible defect analysis – helps in exact pole identification reducing time and travel costs

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    Increased Lamp Life

    Increased lamp life by optimizing the lamp burning hours

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    Increased Road Safety

    With no dark spots, safety of pedestrians and drivers is increased. Adequate lighting at strategic locations helps curb accidents

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    Enhanced User Experience

    Efficient workflow management provides map-views for quick and easy resolutions with accurate data and intuitive user interface

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    Light Planner

    Event based lighting and advanced schedules, variable night illumination (dimming) allow the light intensity to be modulated according to the street location, time and environment

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    Control Group of Lights Independently

    This helps manage electric cabinet i.e feeder panel by providing features such as lamp switching based on in-built astronomical-clock, energy metering and notifications

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    Reporting and Analytics

    Track lighting performance, status, energy consumption and savings. Also, understand the trends and reduce energy losses

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    Cleaner Environment

    By reducing energy consumption, the amount of released CO2 is reduced thus reducing carbon footprint

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    24x7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your needs at all times

Jio Advantage

  • Pan India NB-IoT Connectivity

    Jio’s NB-IoT network is available Pan India and covers 95%+ census population
  • Dedicated Connection

    One-Stop Solution

    Get everything from hardware, connectivity, IoT cloud platform to installation and after sales services
  • Device and SIM Management

    Supports over-the-air software and configuration updates for the device. Manage SIM card in real time, API for enterprise and NMS integration


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