Smart Generator Monitoring Solution

Smart Generator
JioThings Smart Genset Monitoring solution is a cost-effective solution for OEMs, institutional customers, retail chains, townships and buildings. The 4G enabled telemetry device is powered using edge algorithms for computing energy and fuel consumption to save up to 30% operational expenditure.
It supports integration with fuel sensors, energy meters, control panel and controller along with other sensors. Scalable & secure cloud application empowers customers to monitor thousands of diesel generators in a single dashboard with details on operational efficiency, alerts on fuel pilferages, compromised generators, tampering along with a host of other features.

What You Get

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    Fuel Monitoring

    Save up to 30% on fuel spends by monitoring the exact amount of fuel filled, removed and consumed

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    Reduced Downtime

    24 X 7 monitoring of critical parameters ensures predictive maintenance and reduces chances of failures substantially 

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    Improved Efficiency

    Get instant alerts about generators running on idle loads and monitor efficiency (energy output) against fuel consumption

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    Operational Hours Monitoring

    Electronic logging of operational hours to avoid billing related issues (applicable for rental Gensets)

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    Reporting and Analytics

    Access to intuitive user interface with comprehensive reporting and visualizations. Alerts and notifications help ‘Managing by Exception’

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    Location Monitoring

    4G enabled telemetry device is embedded with GPS chip, ensuring that rental Gensets can be tracked, thus preventing misuse, abuse and thefts

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    Centralized and Remote Monitoring

    Single dashboard to monitor several DG sets at multiple locations. Cloud platform based performance tracking of every DG set

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    Alerts and Notifications

    Get real time alerts and notifications for low fuel/ fuel theft/ tampering to ensure up time of gensets  

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    24x7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your needs at all times

Jio Advantage

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    Pan India 4G LTE Connectivity

    Jio’s 4G network is available Pan India and covers 95%+ census population 
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    One-Stop Solution

    Get everything from hardware, connectivity, IoT cloud platform to installation and after sales services
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    Accessories include fuel sensor and door sensor for Genset status monitoring and energy meters for monitoring the energy output
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    Telemetry Device

    Ruggedized IoT telemetry device with IP65 enclosure. Features include GPS, general purpose IO’s for sensor inputs, serial port communication and edge computing processing 


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