Smart Fleet Management System

IoT Fleet Management Solutions
JioThings Smart Connected Vehicle solution is a combination of hardware, software and connectivity solutions designed to remotely track and manage your fleet. It allows you to gain better visibility of your vehicles, consignments and drivers thereby reducing uncertainties and cost. This solution is designed to improve productivity and efficiency of your business.

Additionally, an intuitive web portal and app is available to help you effectively manage and monitor your vehicles. Connected Vehicle solution enables you to use data received from Jio’s trackers to get real-time insight into location tracking, vehicle utilization, monitor driver behaviour and improve both performance and security.

What You Get

  • Dedicated Connection
    Location Tracking

    Real time tracking, instant alerts and notifications to know your vehicle status

  • Dedicated Connection
    Route Management Service

    Single click Geo-fencing, multi-stop routes, trip assignments and more

  • Dedicated Connection
    Data Storage and Management Service

    Manage, store and retrieve historic data of any asset through multiple modes like dashboard, reports and APIs

  • Dedicated Connection
    Multi Sensor Integration

    External sensors like fuel, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, RFID, etc. for VAS can be integrated resulting in fuel saving, preventive maintenance, higher security and so on

  • Dedicated Connection
    Vehicle Telematics and Diagnostic Services

    Understand the health of your vehicles and take proactive action to avoid service disruption, asset losses and unnecessary costs

  • Dedicated Connection
    Driver Behaviour and Management

    Understand and analyse the driving behaviours to make your fleet efficient and goods safe 

  • Dedicated Connection
    Insights and Data Analytics Services

    Get detailed insights from near real-time data to take actions in time

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    AIS 140 Certified

    ARAI certified for AIS 140 compliance and suitable for public and national permit vehicles

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    24x7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your needs at all times

Jio Advantage

  • Pan India 4G LTE Connectivity

    Jio’s 4G network is available Pan India and covers 95%+ census population 
  • One-Stop Solution

    Get everything from hardware, connectivity, IoT cloud platform to installation and after sales services
  • Accessories

    Easy integration with various external sensors and peripherals
  • Dedicated Connection

    Telemetry Devices

    Ruggedized IoT telemetry device. Features include GPS, general purpose IO’s for sensor inputs, serial port communication and edge computing processing 


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