Smart Connected Coolers

Smart Connected Coolers

Smart Connected Coolers IoT
Smart Connected Coolers IoT

Smart Connected Coolers

NB-IoT powered solution that ensures temperature compliance, eliminates energy thefts and optimizes performance

NB-IoT powered tech for smart temp systems

JioThings Smart Connected Coolers offers an end-to-end solution for retailers, bottlers and FMCG companies by providing an economical yet efficient IoT solution. NB-IoT enabled telemetry devices are powered with edge algorithms and they integrate with all coolers (including retrofit coolers).

Temperature and door sensors help in getting real-time updates on critical parameters of operation. JioThings Cloud platform aids in monitoring thousands of coolers in a single dashboard with details about location, operating conditions and tamper alerts, etc. in a secured manner.

What you get with Smart Connected Coolers

Know how each feature of Smart Connected Coolers will help in transforming your business.

Jio Advantage

Diversified advantages that Smart Connected Coolers brings to your business.

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