Smart Connected Coolers

Smart Connected Coolers IoT
JioThings Smart Connected Coolers offers an end-to-end solution for retailers, bottlers and FMCG companies by providing an economical yet efficient IoT solution. NB-IoT enabled telemetry devices are powered with edge algorithms and they integrate with all coolers (including retrofit coolers). Temperature and door sensors help in getting real-time updates on critical parameters of operation. JioThings Cloud platform aids in monitoring thousands of coolers in a single dashboard with details about location, operating conditions and tamper alerts, etc. in a secured manner.

What You Get

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    Tracking of Missing Coolers

    GPS and cell-based tracking options to avoid thefts, misuse or abuse, thus helping in easy audits 

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    Quality Assurance

    With real-time temperature monitoring and alerts, you can stay assured of the functioning

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    Cooler Status Monitoring

    Power cycle monitoring ensures adherence to operating norms

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    Theft and Tamper Protection

    Detect movement with accelerometer to monitor any change in placement from pre-decided strategic locations

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    Reduced Downtime

    Monitor critical parameters 24x7 ensuring predictive and preventive maintenance

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    Alerts and Notifications

    Get notified about anomalies in operating conditions with real-time temperature, door open and tamper alerts

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    Reporting and Analytics

    Access to intuitive user interface with comprehensive reporting and visualizations. Alerts and notifications help ‘Managing by Exception'

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    Sales Analysis

    Analyse co-relation between open/ close door and sales with door sensors connected to telemetry devices

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    Field Staff Monitoring

    Manage productivity by tracking visits of sales and service personnel using Bluetooth enabled telemetry device

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    24x7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your needs at all times

Jio Advantage

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    Pan India NB-IoT Connectivity

    Jio’s NB-IoT network is available Pan India and covers 95%+ census population 
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    One-Stop Solution

    Get everything from hardware, connectivity, IoT cloud platform to installation and after sales services
  • Accessories

    Includes highly accurate temperature and door sensor for monitoring temperature along with features to check door status and power status of the cooler
  • Telemetry Device

    Ruggedized IoT telemetry device with IP65 enclosure. Features include GPS, general purpose IO’s for sensor inputs, serial port communication and edge computing processing 


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