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  • JioBusiness Solution

    JioBusiness Solution
    JioBusiness solution is a first-of-its-kind solution specially designed to accelerate digital transformation of businesses. It brings together services for Connectivity, Communica...
  • Internet Leased Line

    Bussiness Broadband
    For businesses to run smoothly, the basic need is to have consistent, fast, reliable and secure connectivity to perform business tasks. An Internet Leased Line or ILL is a premium internet connectivity service that...

    Jio Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that enables you to create private connectivity over geographically distributed locations...
  • Cloud Connect

    Jio’s Cloud Connect provides flexible, fast, secure, and stable connectivity from edge location to Public Cloud. This is achieved using Jio’s scalable and high-speed MPLS VPN connectivity over highly redundant...
  • JioConnect

    In today’s world, high-speed data over internet or on private connectivity have become the backbone of business operations. Businesses expect uninterrupted and stable connectivity...
  • JioFi

    JioFi is a device that helps you to create personal hotspot and experience true 4G network connectivity. You can access hi-speed internet anytime, anywhere, without worrying about finding an electrical outlet...
  • SD-WAN

    Jio’s SD-WAN (Software defined WAN) is a business-class, secure, and simple Cloud-enabled WAN solution which brings together Apps, network and security at the edge...

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    Features High Speed Internet ILL MPLS
    What is the service? A Shared connection that offers high speed internet at affordable price A dedicated public connectivity which is backed by SLA and helps businesses connect to the external world A private data connectivity to connect multiple customer locations/ datacenters on secure path
    Speed Asymmetric upload and download speed, idealy 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps Consistent and identical upload and download speeds, idealy 10-100 Gbps Variable, depending on connection sites
    Reliability Usage is managable with shared connection and speed at best efforts Always on, dedicated connection and hence comes with SLAs for committed uptime Highly reliable as backed by premium SLA
    Internet protocol Deployed over public IP Deployed over public IP Deployed over private IP
    Security Highly exposed to global internet, needs basic and advance security Data access is over public network, requires additional security measures Communication happens over private network , hence more secure
    Latency Depends on the type of media being consumed online May vary based on where the content is hosted Link performance is consistent and predictable
    Applicability Access internet for browsing, files sharing, video conferencing, etc. Access content available on the public domain and hosted in different locations Access content/ application located on internal network, such as ERP and CRM
    Ideal for Value seekers who are looking for good internet speed at a reasonable cost Organisation that needs dedicated bandwidth to access applications or content available over internet Organisation that needs to connect georgaphically dispersed office and access critical company specific content
    Cost factor Comparitively cheaper than ILL and MPLS as it is used for general purpose Higher than High Speed Internet but comparitively less than MPLS as it is used for dedicated internet access Comparatively higher than ILL and High Speed Internet as security and privacy is of high concern
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