Jio Attendance

Employee Attendance Tracker
JioAttendance is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ‘Contactless Attendance and Access control’ Cloud platform enabling employers like you to manage your workforce remotely. It enables employees to mark their attendance safely from their personal mobile phone or from a common mobile device by showing their faces in front of the app. It is a contactless attendance system, thus protects employees from exposure to infections like Covid-19. Using JioAttendance, managers can get a full view of employee’s presence, location and timings.

What You Get

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    Contactless Attendance System

    Mark attendance conveniently and safely without touching the device

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    Eliminate Proxy Attendance

    AI-based facial recognition to eliminate proxy attendance for both in-office and field employees

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    Location Mapping and Tracking

    Near real-time location mapping and tracking for better visibility and increased efficiency

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    Role-Based Functionalities

    Specific functionalities for Admin/ HR Manager, Team Manager and Employee

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    Real-Time Dashboard

    Real-time analytics and dashboards for easy management and increased productivity

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    APIs for HRMS Integrations

    Easy integration with HRMS, Payroll or legacy systems through APIs

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    Cloud-Based Platform

    Always available platform with no extra expenses on infrastructure to maintain Enterprise apps

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    Feature Rich

    Multiple features to enable different use cases like Travel Claim Processing, Leave Management, Payroll, etc.

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    Digital Self-Care

    Intuitive digital Self-Care to manage your service

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    24 X 7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your need at all times

Jio Advantage

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    Access for managers from any device (desktop/ laptop or mobile) anytime, from anywhere
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    Indigenous Solution

    Home-grown solution with data storage in India
  • Scalable

    Multiple users and locations can be added on the fly. Also get a unified view to manage access control policies for all
  • Data Security

    End-to-end encrypted data stored in level 3 data centre, with you having complete control of your data


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