Jio Attendance


JioAttendance is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ‘Contactless Attendance & Access control’ Cloud platform enabling employers like you to manage your workforce remotely. It enables employees to mark their attendance safely from their personal mobile phone or from a common mobile device by showing their faces in front of the app. It is a contactless attendance system, thus protects employees from exposure to infections like Covid19. Using JioAttendance, managers can get a full view of employee’s presence, location and timings.

What You Get

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    Contactless Attendance System
    Mark attendance conveniently and safely without touching the device
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    Eliminate Proxy Attendance
    AI-based facial recognition to eliminate proxy attendance for both in-office and field employees
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    Location Mapping and Tracking
    Near real-time location mapping and tracking for better visibility and increased efficiency
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    Role-Based Functionalities
    Specific functionalities for Admin/ HR manager, Team Manager and Employee
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    Real-Time Dashboard
    Real-time analytics and dashboards for easy management and increased productivity
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    APIs for HRMS Integrations
    Easy integration with HRMS, Payroll or legacy systems through APIs
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    Cloud-Based Platform
    Always available platform with no extra expenses on infrastructure to maintain Enterprise apps
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    Feature Rich
    Multiple features to enable different use cases like Travel Claim Processing, Leave Management, Payroll, etc.
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    Digital Self-Care
    Intuitive digital Self-Care to manage your service
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    24 X 7 Assisted Care
    Ready to service your need at all times

Jio Advantage

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    Access for managers from any device (desktop/ laptop or mobile) anytime, from anywhere

  • Dedicated Connection

    Indigenous Solution

    Home-grown solution with data storage in India

  • Scalable

    Multiple users and locations can be added on the fly. Also get a unified view to manage access control policies for all

  • Data Security

    End-to-end encrypted data stored in level 3 data centre, with you having complete control of your data


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